Adult education learner charter

We are committed to giving all our students the best possible service we can provide, whatever their individual needs. You can get copies of our equal opportunities statement and policy at the centre where your course is run.

This charter explains three things:

  • your entitlements - what you have a right to expect from our courses
  • your responsibilities - your part in making sure that things run smoothly
  • complaint procedures - what you should do if you are unhappy with a course in any way.

Your entitlements

Information, advice and enrolment

We will provide free, accurate and up to date information on all our courses. This will include:

  • detailed information about what each course involves and what you can get out of it
  • information about qualifications you can gain, where relevant
  • advice, if required, on what level of course best suits your needs
  • accurate information about course fees (including reductions) and other costs, and how to pay


Tutors for each course are selected because they are competent in their subject, and skilled and enthusiastic in delivering tuition to adults. They will also be open to suggestions about how their course can be updated and improved. All tutors are offered training and development to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to date.

At the start of the course

As you start your course, your tutor will give you clear information about how they intend to teach the course, and what it will cover. In addition, you will be given:

  • the chance for the group to discuss plans for the course with the tutor and agree any changes, if appropriate
  • information about course dates, including holidays
  • information about what to do if you cannot attend, have an accident or wish to make a complaint
  • information about the centre you are studying in, including health and safety information
  • the chance to transfer to another course or receive a refund if we have to cancel the course for any reason.

Please note: the service reserves the right to cancel any course after it has started, if too few students have enrolled to make it financially viable.

During the course

Throughout your course we will support you in achieving your learning aims. This means we will:

  • take account of any learning difficulties or physical difficulties you may have and do what we can to support you
  • provide a warm, clean and safe space to work in that is appropriate to the subject of the course
  • provide safe, appropriate and up-to-date equipment and resources

The tutors for each course will:

  • see that each student's contribution is valued equally
  • take into account your previous experience and existing level of ability in the subject and plan work that is suited to your needs
  • plan interesting and stimulating classes with a variety of activities, so that learning is effective and enjoyable
  • give you feedback on your progress with helpful comments on how you can continue to improve
  • return assignments with helpful comments and within a reasonable timescale
  • check with you if the course is progressing to your satisfaction

At the end of the course

When you finish your course, we will be able to give you information about other learning opportunities your course can lead to.

You will also have the chance to give us some feedback on what you have learned on the course. We use your feedback to help us improve the quality of future courses.

Your responsibilities

To help the course run smoothly, and so that everyone has an equal chance of completing it successfully, we ask you to:

  • respect the rights of other people, regardless of differences in culture, ability, race, gender, age, sexual orientation or economic status
  • attend as many of the sessions as you can - if you cannot attend, please notify your tutor or the centre
  • try your best to be there for the start of the session and to stay to the end
  • meet deadlines for any work set and discuss it with your tutor if you have any problems with this
  • always seek help if you need it and tell us if you have a disability or learning difficulty
  • help to make your place of learning a safer place by reporting any incidents or concerns


If you feel that any of the commitments we have made in this charter have not been met, you can do one of the following:

  • if it is an issue that needs resolving during the course, speak first to the tutor, if you are unhappy with the outcome, you can take it up with the centre or area manager
  • if it is a complaint about the centre, you should speak directly to the centre or area manager
  • you can comment on any problem in your end of course feedback, which will be used to make improvements for the future

You can also make a complaint in writing, using one of our standard complaint forms. Copies are available from your tutor, or from the centre office through which the course is run.

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