Apprenticeships in York

As an apprentice, you will:

  • learn job-specific skills
  • earn a salary; apprentices in York earn on average between £105 and £350 per week
  • get a minimum of 12 months' paid employment and holiday pay
  • be able to apply to university once you’ve completed your apprenticeship
  • in some cases, work up the levels to get a degree or masters degree through apprenticeship training
  • get to graduate; apprentices are invited to attend the annual York Apprenticeship Graduation & Awards Ceremony

For more information on apprenticeships, download our York Apprenticeship Guide.

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If you're already in employment

If you're already in employment, you can now do apprenticeship training for professional development, such as working towards management training or higher and degree level qualifications.

Speak to your employer or contact the Apprenticeship Hub for more information.

Search for apprenticeship vacancies

For a wide range of apprenticeship vacancies, see Find an Apprenticeship on GOV.UK, and for construction vacancies, visit BConstructive.

You can also search through the types of apprenticeships available and which training providers deliver them via Find Apprenticeship Training on GOV.UK.

Further information about careers and apprenticeships

For more information about careers and apprenticeships, contact:

Information for parents about apprenticeships

Parents can download the apprenticeship factsheet for more information about the benefits of apprenticeships.

Information for businesses about apprenticeships

We also offer a free service to help businesses hire an apprentice.

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