Volunteer snow wardens

Volunteer snow wardens are residents who give up some of their time to clear snow during bad weather. There are 211 registered volunteers across York. To get involved contact Environment and Community Officer, Kristina Davey, or contact our Customer Centre.

Volunteer snow warden scheme

The scheme encourages people to be 'good neighbours' and adds value to the work we also do to clear snow.

Volunteers spend as much (or as little) time as they wish clearing snow, with each person deciding the size of the area they intend to cover.

We provide volunteers with:

  • training
  • high-visibility vests
  • snow-clearing kits
  • insurance
  • grit

Volunteer areas

Please note, the presence of a snow warden in a post code area doesn't guarantee snow clearing and gritting will happen due to the voluntary nature of the scheme.

See our gallery showing some of our volunteer snow wardens in action!

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