York Charter for Volunteering

As a signatory to the York Charter for Volunteering we make every effort to apply its principles in all our volunteering projects. The Charter is a locally-devised set of standards that provides a framework for developing and improving volunteering programmes.

  • Contribution: Volunteers are able to contribute to genuine achievements
  • Quality: The volunteer experience is of a high quality
  • Safety: Volunteers have a safe experience
  • Enjoyment: Volunteers are able to enjoy their experience
  • Value: Volunteers are valued and their contribution is properly recognised
  • Voice: Volunteers have a voice and all parties listen to one another
  • Equality: Volunteers are treated fairly, barriers to volunteering are removed and diversity is welcomed
  • Proportionality: Volunteer paperwork and procedures are kept to the minimum necessary for the role

Visit Volunteering York to find out more. Also see our good practice guidance for involving young volunteers.

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