During a recent volunteer 'independent visitor' recruitment programme we worked with a very shy trainee social worker, called Emma.

Making progress

Although she had many strengths our volunteer manager felt Emma should not be linked with a more complicated 'looked after' young person: a volunteer manager won't link a volunteer for the sake of it, it has to be the right match.

Emma used her available time and demonstrated good knowledge of the looked-after system. It was felt she'd make a good 'advocate', and undertook two pieces of advocacy; with full support and supervision from the Children’s Rights and Advocacy Manager both ended positively.

Emma has since become a fully trained 'independent visitor' and has been successfully linked up with a 'looked after' eleven year old girl who opted for some social and emotional support.

Emma understands the young girl's needs and requirements and is helping her to integrating into the local community and to build confidence for secondary school in September 2015. Their regularly meetings have created a strong relationship, which will hopefully last long into the future.

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