Riding establishment licence

Riding establishment licences

Apply for a Riding establishment licence to run a horse or pony riding, grazing or stabling premises/school:

  • return your form to the Licensing team with the £210 fee (this excludes vets' fees)
  • we will reply within 28 days
  • riding establishment licences last for 12 months
  • you'll need to renew your licence every year

Before we issue your licence, we'll arrange an inspection of your business with a vet:

  • the vet's inspection will usually be within 2 months of receiving your application
  • you will need to pay for the vet's inspection and report
  • the fee depends on the length of visit required

Tacit consent

We may be unable to issue your licence, so this process does not fall under 'tacit consent' parameters:

  • you cannot assume permission will be given
  • we consider the animals' welfare before issuing a licence

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