If you export food to non-EC countries you are usually required to provide a 'health and purity certificate' to show that the food is fit for human consumption.

After examining the food we can issue certificates for £61.50 each.

Collection of unfit food from a business

If you have unfit food for disposal you will need to make arrangements with a suitable waste disposal company who can collect this from you.

Certification of unfit food

You can get a certificate of unfit food from us if, the food has been found to be unsaleable or unmarketable because of its condition. For example, when a freezer has broken down and the owner of the food is making an insurance claim.

 The charge for certification of unfit food is £61.50.

Charges for information requests

Charges are usually made when you make a request for information that we are not legally required to provide.

The charge is £61 (excluding VAT) per hour.

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