Collection service for bonded asbestos

We offer a service to York residents for removing 'bonded asbestos' items such as corrugated roofing sheets, guttering and pipes.

To request a collection, email Customer Services: with the following information:

  • your name, address and contact telephone number
  • the collection address
  • quantity and type of items to be collected
  • details of where they will be left for collection
  • any other information that will help us to process your request

The service is only available to residents who have removed the materials from their property themselves. If a builder has removed the asbestos, then they are responsible for its safe disposal.

The charges for this service are subject to a free assessment:

  • collections of up to 200kg of bonded asbestos = £100
  • collections greater than 200kg - a price will have to be quoted
  • items to be collected should measure no larger than approximately 6ft x 2ft as we are currently only able to remove smaller items of bonded asbestos

Asbestos collections

Asbestos to be collected should be prepared according to the guidelines on disposing of bonded asbestos safely (double wrapped in clear plastic).

Bonded asbestos is collected on the same days as bulky items, although a minimum of 5 working days should be allowed.

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