Noise from deliveries at the wrong time of day or carried out in the wrong way can affect residents and cause a noise nuisance.

Deliveries can be controlled through highway restrictions or by planning conditions, particularly for new developments. Please get in touch with our planning enforcement team for further advice and information.

Where existing developments cause a problem to residents then please contact our Public Protection Unit for help.

How to prevent noise from deliveries causing a nuisance

We recommend that:

  • deliveries are carried out no earlier than 7.00am on a weekday or 8.00am on a Saturday
  • deliveries are carried out no later than 8.00pm on a weekday or a Saturday
  • deliveries are not carried out on Sundays or Bank Holidays
  • vehicle engines are turned off whilst delivering
  • refrigeration units are turned off whilst delivering
  • 'white noise’ reversing alarms are used rather than traditional reversing alarms
  • stereos in vehicles are turned off before arriving at the site
  • don’t slam vehicle doors
  • use trolleys with rubber wheels
  • relocate delivery points away from residential properties

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