All countryside hedges (hedgerows) have some protection under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997. This requires landowners to consult with us before removing a hedgerow.

If the hedgerow meets certain criteria then it can be protected (see criteria of an important hedgerow). If hedgerows are removed without this consultation then a fine could be imposed and action will be taken to re-instate the hedge.

In addition, under new agricultural regulations, farmers are required to manage hedges to certain basic standards. This includes not cutting hedges between the 1 March and 1 August each year.

Hedges next to residential houses are not covered either by the Hedgerow Regulations or agricultural cross compliance. They may though be covered to some extent by high hedges regulations.

Apply to move a hedgerow

Complete the application form to apply to remove a hedgerow. Your hedgerow will then be evaluated to see if it is 'important'. You will be told within 6 weeks if you can remove the hedgerow or if it must be retained.

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