York Heritage Orchard Group

The 'York Heritage Orchard Group' is being set up to encourage individuals and communities to play a vital role in finding and preserving existing orchards in and around York.

For more information, or to register your interest in being part of this new group, please contact Margaret Trigg.

Orchards and wildlife habitats

Traditional orchards are wildlife havens which contain elements of woodland, pasture and meadow grassland, and are often bordered by native hedgerows.

They are recognized as representing biodiversity hotspots and consequently were identified as priority habitats through both the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and the York Biodiversity Action Plan.

However, statistics from the national charity, Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) have shown that around 90 per cent of these habitats have been lost since the 1950s.

Protecting orchards in York

In order to help halt the decline of habitats and to protect them, we are inviting individuals and communities to get in touch if:

  • they own or care for an orchard
  • they know of an orchard that may be of heritage interest
  • they want to help get this new group off the ground

Once established, the York Heritage Orchard Group hopes to build on the good work already carried out by PTES which identified over 35,000 individual orchards in England through a national aerial survey.

PTES now needs people with local knowledge to gather information and to provide the essential support to protect these orchards.

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You can also download 'traditional orchards, a guide to wildlife and management' from PTES.

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