Dogs and related issues

Lost or stray dogs

To report a stray or lost dog, please contact us, see stray or lost animals for further information.

Noisy dogs

If you have a complaint about a noisy dog contact our environmental protection team. 

Dog attacks

To report attacks by dogs, contact our customer centre. If the dog attack involves a bite to a person please report this to the police, either by calling 999 for emergencies, or 101 for non emergencies.  For further information see Dog attacks.

Dog fouling

To report a dog fouling incident or a nuisance caused by an accumulation of dog faeces in a private garden or yard, please contact us and we will advise you on what action you can take.

If you wish to report dog fouling in a public place, please contact the Customer Service Centre and we will arrange for it to be removed.

Health and welfare of dogs and other animals

To make a complaint about the health or welfare of a dog (or other domestic animal) please contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999 or via the RSPCA website.

The Dogs Trust provide information about dogs and how to look after them, contact them on tel: 0207 837 0006, alternatively

The Kennel Club can provide details to help you learn more about dogs.

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