Abandoned vehicles

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An abandoned vehicle is one 'which appears to have been left without lawful authority'.

To report an abandoned vehicle contact us with the following information:

  • location of the vehicle
  • vehicle type (car, van, caravan, motorbike)
  • its condition (good, unclean, damaged)
  • registration number
  • whether it is taxed
  • your name, address and contact telephone number (in case we need to check any details)
  • any other information that will help us to resolve your request

How to check if a vehicle is abandoned

If you are unsure whether a vehicle is abandoned, you should consider the following points:

  • it may not have moved for a long time
  • the vehicle may be in poor condition
  • it may be vandalised (broken windows, removed tyres, burnt)
  • it may be untaxed

Since tax discs were discontinued, the only way to check whether a vehicle is currently taxed is by using the GOV.UK Vehicle Enquiry Service.

You will need the vehicle registration number, make and model. If you are not able to check this, you can still report the vehicle to us with the other available information.

Removing abandoned vehicles

If a vehicle is abandoned, we will arrange to get it removed as soon as possible.

We do not remove:

  • abandoned vehicles from private land unless requested to do so by the landowner, the police or the fire department
  • stolen vehicles or those that have been involved in an accident

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