An abandoned vehicle is one 'which appears to have been left without lawful authority'.

To report an abandoned vehicle contact us with the following information:

  • location of the vehicle
  • vehicle type (car, van, caravan, motorbike)
  • its condition (good, dirty, damaged)
  • registration number
  • whether it's taxed - check if a vehicle is taxed online
  • your name, address and contact telephone number (in case we need to check any details)
  • any other information that will help us to resolve the request

How to check if a vehicle is abandoned

A vehicle is likely to be abandoned if at least one of the following applies:

  • it has no registered keeper on the DVLA database and is untaxed - check if a vehicle is taxed online
  • it’s stationary for a significant amount of time
  • it’s significantly damaged, run down or unroadworthy - for example, has flat tyres, missing wheels or a broken windscreen
  • it’s burned out
  • a number plate is missing

Removing abandoned vehicles

If a vehicle is abandoned, we'll arrange to get it removed as soon as possible.

Abandoned vehicles we do not remove

Examples of abandoned vehicles we do not remove:

  • vehicles from private land unless requested to do so by the landowner, the police or the fire department
  • stolen vehicles or those that have been involved in an accident

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