Grass cutting

We maintain grass in both urban and rural areas.

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Grass cutting in urban areas

We're responsible for maintaining grass in public areas including:

  • along highway verges
  • in communal housing areas
  • in open spaces

We aim to cut grass 14 times a year, every 2 to 3 weeks, between March and early October - subject to weather conditions.

Some grassed areas are kept long to help improve the living landscape. Areas where bulbs have been planted are uncut for about 6 weeks after they have flowered, to ensure the plants flower the following season.

Treatment of edges is usually carried out by chemical weed control.

We don’t collect the grass clippings, but will make an attempt to brush or blow the worst from footpaths.

Grass cutting in rural areas

In rural areas we cut a 1 metre wide strip of grass along the kerbside on:

  • grass verges of 'A' and 'B' roads
  • footpaths
  • cycle ways

On other rural roads, grass cutting is restricted to road junctions, bends and other areas where grass obstructs the line of sight, leading to a potential hazard.

There are 2 cuts each year, the first is in late May or June, the second in September or October.

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