Flyposting is 'the unauthorised placing of literature and posters in public spaces'. It's illegal and enforcement action can be taken against anyone caught.

Almost all advertisements for businesses require planning permission. Adverts placed on street furniture or displayed beside a road or public highway are unlikely to be legal and you should enquire as to whether you need permission before displaying these.

A Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer will investigate any reports and make contact with the business concerned. A notice of removal will then be served upon the business, requesting them to remove to advert within a specified time period.

If they are not removed within the specified time, we can remove them and recover costs from the business concerned. Repeat offenders can be prosecuted. If the adverts have no contact details on, or the team are unable to establish the person who has displayed it, the advert can be removed without any notice.

The city is monitored on a bi monthly basis for such offences.

Report flyposting

To make a complaint about flyposting please contact our customer centre providing the following details:

  • location of the adverts
  • details of the adverts
  • a description of any persons/vehicles seen posting the adverts

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