Unfortunately we are not able to offer pest control services.

Find out more about treating pests yourself.


The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) provides an A to Z of pests with advice on how to deal with each pest (such as insects and mammals).

If this does not work you may like to call in a pest controller. The British Pest Control Association can help you find a pest controller (one which follows their code of conduct).

When looking for a pest controller, make sure you:

  • get at least three quotations
  • find out if there is a call out fee or fixed charge
  • find out what service and guarantee they will provide you with
  • ensure they have insurance cover
  • check their qualifications (a certificate in Pest Control from the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (RSPH) or the BPCA)
  • are happy with him/her and understand the advice he or she gives
  • consider personal recommendations from friends, neighbours or colleagues

If bait is used your pest controller will need to visit a few times to inspect the bait and keep it topped up. He or she should also carry out a final inspection once the programme is complete to ensure no bait is left behind.

If rodenticides are used, your pest controller should carry out an environmental assessment to consider the possible threats to wildlife and domestic animals. You can find out more about responsible use of rodenticides on the Think wildlife website.


Depending on the type of bees that are swarming, York Beekeepers may be able to collect the swarms for you. If they are bumble bees, they recommend that you leave them as they are important pollinators. York Beekeepers are able to offer help and someone may be available to collect the bees for you but please first be sure that the swarm is accessible and consists of honey bees and not wasps or bumble bees.

Private sector tenants

If you are renting in the private sector and you are concerned about pests you should contact your landlord.

Council tenants

If you are a council tenant, in most circumstances you will be responsible for your own pest control arrangements, but for further advice or clarification please contact tel: 01904 551550.

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