Complying with planning conditions

We have procedures for dealing with requests to 'discharge conditions imposed on planning approvals', and for requests which ask whether such conditions were met (including requests from solicitors or prospective buyers).

Please use forms in the planning portal to ensure you provide all of the necessary details with you request to discharge conditions.

Examples of planning approval conditions include us asking you to submit:

  • drainage details
  • details of proposed external materials, such as bricks and roof tiles.


The government sets charge for handling these requests:

  • £97.00 per request
  • £28.00 for conditions relating to 'householder' applications.

This fee must be submitted at the same time the request is made and is payable for each request, however, a single request may cover more than one condition to be discharged.

The fees do not apply to telecommunications development or to Waste and Minerals permissions, which have separate arrangements.


We will handle requests as promptly as possible, however we don't responsd within 12 weeks of receiving your request, we will refund the fee.

If development starts without the conditions being met, your planning permission may be nullified.

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