The following interim targets are currently in use for Development Management purposes, based on:

Thresholds Target
Brownfield sites equal to or greater than 15 dwellings 20%
Greenfield sites equal to or greater than 15 dwellings 30%
Urban sites less than 15 dwellings 0%
Rural sites 11 to 14 dwellings that have a maximum combined gross floorspace of more than 1,000m2 Off site financial contribution = £23,133.80 per unit (20%)
Rural sites 5 to 10 dwellings that have a maximum combined gross floorspace of more than 1,000m2 Off site financial contribution = £17,350.35 per unit (15%)
Rural 2 to 4 dwellings that have a maximum combined gross floorspace of more than 1,000m2 Off site financial contribution = £11,566.90 per unit (10%)
  • the above targets and thresholds will be relevant to any applications not currently 'determined'
  • existing applications have the right to submit a 'deed of variation' to S106 agreements, in line with current policy

Less than 15 homes in rural areas

Following the change to national Planning Guidance, the council can no longer seek financial contributions towards affordable housing on rural schemes of 1 to 10 units with a gross area of no more than 1,000m2. Planning obligations on affordable housing and other matters can only be applied to schemes of 11 new homes or more or 1 to 10 new homes with a total gross floorspace of more than 1,000m2.

Download a flowchart which illustrates when affordable housing is to be provided on rural sites.

Commuted payment

The commuted payment is calculated by the 'average York fixed RSL price' being subtracted from the 'average York property price' then multiplied by the '% target'.

Dwelling threshold Average York property price (Land Registry August 2012) Average York fixed RSL price % target Commuted payment
2 to 4 homes £180,502 £64,833 10% £11,566.90
5 to 10 homes £180,502 £64,833 15% £17,350.35
11 to 14 homes £180,502 £64,833 20% £23,133.80

If the threshold is triggered, OSFC is payable on a site-by-site basis:

Site size (number of dwellings) % target Off site financial contribution
1 N/A N/A
2 10 £11,566.90
3 10 £23,133.80 (2 x £11,566.90)
4 10 £34,700.70 (3 x £11,566.90)
5 15 £69,401.40 (4 x £17,350.35)
6 15 £86,751.75 (5 x £17,350.35)
7 15 £104,102.10 (6 x £17,350.35)
8 15 £121,452.45 (7 x £17,350.35)
9 15 £138,804.00 (8 x £17,350.35)
10 15 £156,153.15 (9 x £17,350.35)
11 20 £231,338.00 (10 x £23,133.80)
12 20 £254,471.80 (11 x £23,133.80)
13 20 £277,605.60 (12 x £23,133.80)
14 20 £300,739.40 (13 x £23,133.80)

Individual site assessments

Given the conclusions reached in the Affordable Housing Viability Study (AHVS), developments within York should be able to provide the target levels of affordable homes approved for Development Management purposes. Therefore, no individual site assessment will be required where submissions achieve these targets and this is to be encouraged in order to reduce time on further analysis and negotiation.

For all site thresholds, the developer still has the right to pay for and submit an independent 'open book appraisal' to justify circumstances where the target is not considered to be viable. Such appraisals will be carried out by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) and be paid for by the developer.

Section 106 and Nominations Agreements - sample Heads of Terms

Section 106 sample heads of terms and Nominations Agreement sample heads of terms have been set, following extensive consultation with developers and Registered Providers. These will be customised for each scheme. Please get in contact with the planning case officer or a member of the Housing Development team if you would like to discuss further.

Approach to affordable housing policy in York

The Affordable Housing Viability Study (AHVS) along with other key evidence bases will inform the development of the Local Plan.

An affordable housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) will:

  • support the AHVS
  • give clear and consistent guidance
  • react to changing circumstances, such as new housing need and mix
  • give detailed information and advice on the operational approach to affordable housing policy in York
  • explain the York 'dynamic model' used to change the short term targets annually
  • explain the process of negotiation
  • manage on-site expectations related to integration and quality, tenure mix, subdivision of sites, application of grant, nomination criteria and viability assessments

Affordable housing advice note

The Affordable Housing advice note forms non-statutory guidance to supplement the policies and proposals of the Local Plan (2005) incorporating the fourth set of changes and:

  • provides guidance and advice on how to include affordable housing in development schemes
  • is aimed at all groups involved in developing affordable housing (council officers, developers, landowners, parish councils, registered providers and local interest groups)

The Affordable Housing advice note has not been updated to include the interim targets set out above, which were last approved in August 2014. This will be replaced through the Local Plan. These supersede the targets in the advice note.

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