We are committed to engaging with suppliers and partners to procure and commission services, works and supplies and to develop effective solutions that deliver:

  • quality, value-for-money goods and services
  • broader economic social and environmental outcomes

To enable us to deliver these commitments through our procurement activity there are policies, strategies and plans that are built into the procurement and decision making processes.

Our commitment to responsible procurement

Responsible procurement is the purchase of goods, works, and services in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible way that delivers value-for-money and benefits us, the citizens of York, and the wider society.

Through responsible procurement we can play an important role in:

  • reducing environmental impacts
  • supporting the local economy
  • providing employment and training opportunities
  • delivering sustainability through the works, supplies and services we procure

As part of the procurement processes undertaken by our providers, organisations are being asked to demonstrate that they are:

  • following good environmental practices
  • offering opportunities for employment and training
  • supporting the local economy
  • including social value considerations

Throughout the procurement lifecycle we will engage with key stakeholders to ensure our procurements properly reflect needs and outcomes for our customers, and take account of the wider context, including our plans and strategies.

General Building Works - important changes to our supplier assessment process

Over the next few weeks, our commercial procurement team will be contacting existing suppliers with details on how we are improving our procurement process for minor works contracts worth between £25k and £100k.

By 8 March 2019, we will require any business in this category to be a Verified Constructionline Gold (Level 3) Member to be an Approved Supplier for the council. The main aim is to ensure that our supply chain meet our core requirements and are all assessed to the same standard, whilst also improving efficiency of our SQ processes for both yourselves and us.

We will be holding a 'Meet the Buyer' event in the coming months, where we'll be presenting the benefits of this new process to our existing supply chain (as well as potential new suppliers), and answering any questions you may have.

Our Equalities Charter

Our Equalities Charter is an agreement between us and the organisations we contract with. The Charter is a statement about how we and our suppliers will promote equality when we procure goods, services or works. It is a set of principles that both sides agree to work to.

Any public, private or voluntary sector organisation or business can use the principles of the Equalities Charter. By doing so, they are making a commitment to actively promote the values of equality and diversity and to take action to improve their working practices if necessary.

All our suppliers must agree to implement the principles of the Equalities Charter.

Living Wage Foundation

We are committed to promoting the Living Wage rate as defined by the Living Wage Foundation with our suppliers and partners through the contracts and agreements we award.

One Planet Council

We have established a sustainability framework called One Planet Council to carefully consider and balance the social, economic and environmental implications of the decisions we make.

Further information can be found at One Planet York.

Employment, skills and apprenticeships opportunities

We promote skills training and apprenticeships by the use of Employment and Skills Plans.

We encourage the same commitment from our suppliers for employment, where appropriate through the procurement process.

For further information contact the Commercial Procurement Team.

Local Government Transparency Code

The Local Government Transparency Code promotes democratic accountability and makes it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process.

The Transparency Code sets out the minimum data that local authorities should be publishing, the frequency with which it should be published and how it should be published.

Local Government Transparency Code related information is published on York Open Data.

Supporting local businesses

We welcome all types and sizes of suppliers to consider bidding for our tenders and quotation opportunities which are published on the electronic tendering portal YORtender.

We encourage local businesses and sole traders to bid for tender and quotation opportunities by offering shorter payment terms to support them. The 30 day payment terms are our standard terms to ensure consistent accounting and a balance between incoming and outgoing funds. If a supplier is a Sole Trader or a small company with a local York address then the payment terms change to 10 days. There are no exceptions to these terms unless stated in already established contract.

Public sector HMRC implications

There are some HMRC taxation system regulations relating to workers in the public sector that may require additional information to be provided.

Our new supplier forms have sections relating to Tax, National Insurance (NI) and HMRC compliance in order to follow taxation changes that came into effect in April 2017: IR35 Regulation - Off-payroll working through an intermediary.

The regulations state that "off payroll" sole traders in the public sector are now liable for tax and NI deductions to be made at source as if they were employees. As we are the organisation receiving the services, the responsibility rests with us to determine whether the worker should be subject to these deductions depending on the work they are carrying out.

Further information is available via the central government employment check website pages.

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