Commercial procurement

We spend approximately £144 million each year buying goods and services that help us to deliver services to residents of York.

Contracts and tendering

As part of the Government's initiative to implement e-procurement, we use the online portal YORtender for our competitive tendering processes and for displaying current and ongoing contract information. Details can be viewed on the live contracts register for City of York Council , and other local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber Region.

We ask all suppliers who are interested in future opportunities to work with CYC to register on YORtender and keep their contact information up to date. The portal allows a fair and transparent tendering process, where our Procurement Team can invite suppliers, publish template quotation documents, and then evaluate all submitted responses before awarding the contract to the successful tenderer(s).

Registration is free, and you will start receiving email alerts on relevant projects as soon as you have completed the supplier registration and chosen your categories of interest.

European Union threshold levels

The European Union (EU) sets threshold levels for public procurements to govern the processes we are required to undertake when letting new contracts.

If these amounts are exceeded, we are required to follow EU Public Procurement Directives. Potential contracts of this size are advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union, as well as eventual contract award notices, which will then be reflected also on our contracts register.

As of 1 January 2016 the current EU thresholds are:

  • Supply of goods and/or services contracts: £164,176
  • Works contracts: £4,104,394
  • Social services and other health services: £589,148

These values are calculated for the entire life costing of the contract, including any extension options. The minimum timescales for each process are set out in this Procedure Timescale Tracker.


We also use various frameworks for procuring public sector contracts. There are a wide range of Framework agreements that exist and can be accessed by local authorities. Further information can be viewed on the websites of the most frequently used bodies;

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