If you are having difficulty paying your bill

When you receive your bill, be it for council tax or business rates, if you think you will have difficulty paying your instalments, please get in touch with us immediately.

We will check whether you are getting all the reductions you are entitled to. If you have already claimed all possible reductions then independent advisors may be able to help.

If you get into arrears

If you get into arrears with your instalments, we will send a reminder showing how much you need to pay to bring your account up to date.

If you do not pay, or you bring your account up to date but fail to make future payments on time, you will lose the right to pay by instalments, and the full charge will become due.

The recovery team

If this happens and you do not pay the full charge, a summons will be issued and the council will take action through the Magistrates Court to obtain a liability order against you.

All costs associated with this action will be added to your bill.

At this stage, the debt is dealt with by council tax/business rates recovery section. They will contact you and set up a payment arrangement to clear the amount owed.

When issued, a liability order does allow the council to instruct bailiffs to seize your goods and sell them at auction. However we will only go down this option, if you do not try and contact us or you fail to respond to letters.

If a debt is passed to bailiffs, this will involve further costs for which you would be liable.

Business rates

For information about business rates after a debt has been to court, contact the Recovery Section.

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