The business rates you pay depend on your property's 'rateable value', which is set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

The Valuation Officer also maintains the 'Rating List' for each property and may alter a rateable value if a property's circumstances change.

Appeal the rateable value of a business property

You can appeal (for free) directly to the VOA about the value of your business property if you believe it's wrong.

You can appoint an agent to handle your appeal and represent your business in negotiations with the VOA, if you do so, then both the council and the VOA advise you to:

  • look very carefully at the terms of your contract
  • ensure you understand exactly what you have agreed to pay for
  • remember that a reduction in your rateable value does not automatically mean that your rates bill will be reduced

All appeal queries should be directed to the VOA.

Successful appeals against values that came into force on 1 April 2010, are normally backdated to the beginning of the financial year that the appeal was made.

If the you do not agree with the VOA decision on your rateable value, the appeal will be referred to the Valuation Tribunal.

Appealing against your rating assessment does not entitle you to withhold payment of your account.

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