The Government's business rates deferral scheme allows you to spread increases (caused by the 'Retail Price Index') to your 2012/13 council tax bill, over three years.

You can defer payment of 3.2% of your 2012/13 bill (60% of the Retail Price Index increase) until 2013/14 and 2014/15, and pay back the total deferred amount over those two years.

How to apply

If you wish to opt into the scheme please complete and return the application form.

You can apply at any time until 31 March 2013 provided you have some of your bill left to pay.

We would encourage you to apply early so that you see the reduction in your monthly instalments sooner. However, you will be able to defer 3.2% of the whole year's bill regardless of when you apply.

Provided that you return the application by 9 June, you will see the reduction in your July instalment. If you apply later than that date you will see the reduction reflected in your next instalment or the one after that.

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