Councillors' allowances and expenses

We publish details of the allowances and expenses paid to our elected members in the previous tax year.

The summary figures shown below include basic allowance, special responsibility allowance plus travel and subsistence, dependent care allowance and so on, which members have received in relation to the duties they perform.

Summary figures

For tax year 2015 to 2016:

Councillor Total £
CllrJ Alexander 835.69
CllrK Aspden 22,553.70
Cllr N Ayre 20,158.00
Cllr N Barnes 10,440.58
Cllr S Barnes 13,207.39
Cllr G Barton 1,530.04
Cllr B Boyce 8,960.17
Cllr J Brooks 17,663.58
Cllr S Burton 835.69
Cllr M Cannon 7,711.77
Cllr D Carr 19,090.86
Cllr D Craghill 7,711.77
Cllr S Crisp 11,066.99
Cllr C Cullwick 7,961.13
CllrL Cunningham-Cross 2,551.85
CllrI Cuthbertson 12,378.68
CllrA D'Agorne 11,601.49
Cllr F Derbyshire 7,961.13
Cllr P Dew 8,101.53
Cllr P Doughty 12,953.90
Cllr H Douglas 14,440.00
Cllr S Fenton 7,809.36
Cllr P Firth 835.69
CllrF Fitzpatrick 835.69
Cllr Flinders 7,905.17
Cllr S Fraser 835.69
Cllr T Funnell 8,796.82
Cllr J Galvin 13,562.45
Cllr J Gates 7,961.13
Cllr I Gillies 20,549.03
Cllr J Gunnell 12,671.00
Cllr J Hayes 8,058.72
Cllr P Healey 809.24
Cllr G Hodgson 847.78
Cllr D Horton 845.58
Cllr S Hunter 7,961.13
Cllr K Hyman 835.69
Cllr S Jackson 8,097.11
Cllr K King 1,054.58
Cllr L Kramm 8,058.72
Cllr D Levene 15,578.26
Cllr S Lisle 8,058.72
Cllr J Looker 15,387.79
Cllr N McIlveen 847.78
Cllr A Mason 8,058.72
Cllr S Mercer 8,094.33
Cllr D Merrett 821.33
Cllr D Myers 7,961.13
Cllr K Myers 7,961.13
Cllr K Orrell 8,893.57
Cllr R Potter 809.24
Cllr S Rawlings 9,261.12
Cllr A Reid 15,582.71
Cllr T Richardson 8,796.82
Cllr J Riches 792.73
Cllr C Runciman 17,746.55
Cllr D Scott 835.69
Cllr A Semlyen 847.78
Cllr H Shepherd 7,961.13
Cllr T Simpson-Laing 2,717.58
Cllr C Steward 24,016.94
Cllr D Taylor 13,158.08
Cllr A Waller 20,499.13
Cllr M Warters 7,192.56
Cllr B W Watson 1,286.03
Cllr J Watt 835.69
Cllr M Wells 7,961.13
Cllr D Williams 16,565.72
Cllr S Wiseman 835.69
Total 579,411.60

Detailed figures

Detailed information is available via York Open Data on:

  • Councillors' travel - paid for by CYC, separate to allowances (individual journeys from April 2013 onwards)

See the monthly transparency reports detailing Members' allowances and expenses.

Scheme of allowances and expenses

Details of the allowances and expenses which Members are entitled to claim are detailed in the Members’ Scheme of Allowances, or you can read FAQs about the scheme.

Review of members' scheme of allowances

See details of our review of members' scheme of allowances.

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