Vote by proxy

If you are registered to vote but unable to go to your polling station on election day you can apply to vote by proxy.

A 'proxy' is someone who will go to your normal polling station and vote, with your authority, on your behalf. They can be a relative or friend, but must be eligible to vote in the election you appoint them.

You can apply to vote by proxy on an indefinite basis for the following reasons:

  • physical incapacity
  • overseas elector
  • studying at university
  • certain occupations such as armed forces

Completed forms are to be returned to Electoral Services.

You can appoint a proxy for a specific election if you're unable to attend your polling station due to a journey that would involve travelling over sea or by air, see: Apply to vote by proxy (particular election).

Emergency proxy

In the case where a medical emergencies or occupation requirement doesn’t allow you to vote in person, a proxy may be applied for up to 5.00pm on polling day.

Medical proxy

If you appoint a proxy for medical reasons, you must be taken ill after a certain deadline (declared for each election) and not be aware of an operation that requires hospital or home recovery before that date.

Medical proxy forms must be 'attested' (declare to be true) by a medical professional.

See: apply to vote by emergency proxy - medical reasons

Occupational proxy

If you're unable to attend your polling station because of your occupation or employment, you may apply for an emergency proxy.

To qualify for an emergency proxy due to employment, you must not be aware of this requirement before a certain deadline (declared for each election).

You must have your emergency proxy 'attested' (declare to be true) by your employer, who will legally state your circumstances were not know before the deadline.

See: apply to vote by emergency proxy - occupational reasons

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