We'll publish details of new consultations on this page as soon as they're available. For further information, see our consultations page.

Talkabout citizens' panel

We're currently updating Talkabout, our citizens' panel, which is one of the ways you can give us your feedback and views and influence what happens in York.

Doing business with CYC online

Our website (www.york.gov.uk/business) has information for businesses in the York area such as:

  • Business rates
  • Business licences and permits
  • Trading standards and regulatory information
  • Tendering for council work
  • Renting or buying council property
  • Business continuity planning
  • Health and safety information

We also provide links to Work With York, Make it York and York BID, which offer additional support and advice.

As part of York Business Week we’re keen to engage with businesses to better understand your needs when doing business with us online.

Complete our Doing business with CYC online survey to give us your feedback on how you currently use our website, and provide your views on which digital services we can improve. We want to understand what online support you need from us, and how we can continue to develop our web services with your help.

Consultation closes at midnight on 15 November 2019

Living with multiple long term conditions

York Public Health team are asking for residents with multiple long term conditions to provide their views and experiences on the various impacts of having more than one condition, and the services and support they receive.

Your answers will help to guide local decision makers to plan services in the future. Please provide your views by completing our Multiple Long Term Conditions Survey. Results of this survey will be published in spring 2020 on the York Health and Wellbeing website.

Consultation closes at midnight on 20 November 2019

Admission Arrangements 2021 to 2022

The annual admission arrangements consultation takes place between 7 October and 29 November.

Admissions policies, published admission numbers and related documents for schools in the City of York area relate to how admissions applications and decisions will be made for the 2021 to 2022 school year.

The consultation is a joint exercise between all admissions authorities in York, including:

  • us on behalf of community and voluntary controlled schools
  • the governing bodies of voluntary aided schools
  • the academy trusts of (single) academies
  • the trust board, and local governing committees, of multi-academy trusts

Draft policies are available to view on our Admission Consultation page and you can give us your feedback by taking our Admission Consultation survey.

Consultation closes at midnight on 29 November 2019

Recently closed consultations

  • Taxi Licensing (closed 10 November 2019). We sought views on the provison of licensed taxis currently operating in the city.
  • Age Friendly York: Your Destination (closed 13 October 2019). As part of our commitment to achieving an 'Age Friendly' status we asked for feedback from older persons in York on the public areas and green spaces they visit. For more information visit our Age Friendly York webpage
  • Building Better Places: Housing Delivery Programme, 2019 to 2023 (closed 3 October 2019). As part of the Housing Delivery Programme we invited residents to three events to give feedback and influence the design of new homes, streets and spaces in York
  • The Council Plan (closed 13 September 2019). We are in the process of developing The Council Plan for 2019 to 2023. We asked residents for views on what it should include, as well as how individuals and businesses can help make York the best place it can be for everyone
  • Victoria Bar Access (closed 13 September 2019). We have conducted a review of access arrangements into and out of Victoria Bar. We are currently considering the outcome of the consultation which will be included in a report and will be presented to the Executive Member for Transport

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