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Talkabout citizens' panel

We're currently updating Talkabout, our citizens' panel, which is one of the ways you can give us your feedback and views, and influence what happens in York.

Building Better Places: Housing Delivery Programme, 2019 to 2023

Our Housing Delivery Programme is committed to deliver 600 homes across the city, creating new and better places to live. As part of our initial design work, and ahead of requesting planning permission, we want you to help us understand your priorities, to help shape the developments.

Influence the design of the new homes, streets and spaces in your neighbourhood by attending upcoming events:

  • 1 October 2019 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at West Offices, for the launch of the Housing Delivery Programme and the Design Manual
  • 2 October 2019 from 5.00pm to 7.45pm at the Centre@Burnholme to meet the design team about Burnholme
  • 3 October 2019 from 5.00pm to 7.45pm at St Luke’s Church, Clifton to meet the design team about Duncombe Barracks

Admission Arrangements 2021-22

The annual admission arrangements consultation will take place between 7 October and 27 November. The admissions policies, published admission numbers, and related documents for schools in the City of York area relate to how admissions applications and decisions will be made for the 2021 to 2022 school year.

The consultation is a joint exercise between all admissions authorities in York, including:

  • us on behalf of community and voluntary controlled schools
  • the governing bodies of voluntary aided schools
  • the academy trusts of (single) academies
  • the trust board, and local governing committees, of multi-academy trusts

Draft policies will be available to view online from 7 October 2019.

Age Friendly York consultations

York is part of the Age Friendly Network; we're working to ensure you're able to live healthy and active lives as you grow older. We want more older residents to become active, healthy citizens, involved in shaping where they live, by working alongside local groups, councils and businesses, to identify and make changes to both the physical and social environment.

We'll use Age Friendly Network 'statements' to establish what to we should achieve, covering:

  • your journey
  • your destination
  • your time
  • your access to information
  • your home
  • your services

See results from the 'your journey' consultation - our findings will be built upon in a more detailed transport survey, led by York Civic Trust in September, find out more via www.LiveWellYork.co.uk. If you still want to contribute it's not too late, simply email: AgeFriendlyYork@york.gov.uk and we'll include your comments.

'Your destination'

Share your views in our online survey about 'your destination', alternatively email: AgeFriendlyYork@york.gov.uk or telephone: 01904 554595 to take part 'offline'.

Complete the 'your destination' survey (which asks your views on up to three public areas and green spaces you may use) if you:

  • live in York and are an older person* or have an interest in ensuring the best experience for people growing old in York
  • work for an organisation that meets the interest of older people
  • are part of a volunteer group that engages with older people
  • are a carer or have a neighbour or relative that is an older person in York

*Older person is deliberately not stated as a specific age, as people like to self-define and we're looking for people to plan ahead for older age.

Consultation closes at midnight on 13 October 2019

Recent consultations (now closed)

  • The Council Plan (closed 13 September 2019). We are in the process of developing The Council Plan for 2019 to 2023. We asked residents for views on what it should include, as well as how individuals and businesses can help make York the best place it can be for everyone.
  • Victoria Bar Access (closed 13 September 2019). We have conducted a review of access arrangements into and out of Victoria Bar. We are currently considering the outcome of the consultation which will be included in a report and will be presented to the Executive Member for Transport.
  • Resident survey on 'councillor and community engagement' (closed 5 September 2019). We asked for feedback about how you engage with your local councillors, and how you might engage with them in the future.
  • Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum Applications for Acomb and Westfield (closed 22 August 2019). We consulted on the submitted Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area applications for Acomb and Westfield
  • Older Persons Accommodation (closed 16 August 2019). We sought feedback on older persons accommodation in the city and what's important when considering where to live when growing older. The results will help shape the future of our older persons' accommodation programme

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