Executive council members

City of York Council's executive team is made up of eight councillors:

The Leader of the council

Councillor David Carr with responsibilities for:

Cllr carr


Policy, Strategy and Partnerships; Re-Wiring Public Services; Customer Services; Human Resources and Payroll; ICT; Financial Services; Financial Procedures and Risk Management; Performance and Business Assurance; Procurement Services and Commissioning; Property Services; Operational Accommodation; Business Continuity; Facilities Management, Emergency Planning and Local Plan and Regional Matters (jointly with the Deputy Leader)

The Deputy Leader of the council

Cllr aspden


Councillor Keith Aspden with responsibilities for:

Electoral Services; Legal Services and Information Management; Civic and Democratic Services (inc. Scrutiny); Communications and Media; Community Engagement; Ward Committees; Parish Council liaison; Play Policy; Youth Support Services; Economic Development and Regeneration; Business and Skills Development; Apprenticeships and Local Plan and Regional Matters (jointly with the Leader).

Executive Member for Environment



Councillor Andrew Waller, with responsibilities for:

Environmental Health and Food Hygiene; Health and Safety (internal and external); Flood Protection; Environment and Community/York Pride; Waste Management; Street Environment; Environment Strategy; Air Quality; Street based delivery services and Community Centres.

Executive Member for Transport and Planning

Cllr gillies


Councillor Ian Gillies, with responsibilities for:

Civil Engineering and Highways; Parking Services and Parking Strategy; Transport Strategy, Highways Strategy; Taxi Licensing (in conjunction with Chair of Licensing); Digital Infrastructure; Regional and National Transport Infrastructure; Fleet Management; Planning Conservation and Urban Design and Planning and Development Management.

Executive Member for Culture, Leisure and Tourism

Cllr ayre


Councillor Nigel Ayre, with responsibilities for:

Leisure and Sport (including Community Stadium); Tourism ; Arts, Culture and Heritage; Lifelong Learning; Parks; Trading Standards; Licensing and Bereavement Registrar; Animal Welfare; Volunteering and Equalities and Inclusion and Diversity Peer Review.

Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health

Cllr runciman


Councillor Carol Runciman, with responsibilities for:

Public Health; Domestic Violence; Services for carers; Adult Safeguarding; Assessment and Personalisation; Older People, Mental Health and Respite and Financial Inclusion.

Executive Member for Education, Children and Young People



Councillor Stuart Rawlings, with responsibilities for:

School Improvement and Staff Development; Children and Families; Partnerships and Early Intervention; School Place Planning; Children’s Safeguarding; Special Educational Needs; Children’s Centres and Early Years and Youth Offending.

Executive Member for Housing and Safer Neighbourhoods

Cllr sam lisle grey background


Councillor Sam Lisle, with responsibilities for:

Alcohol and Drugs Action; Housing; Fraud ; Safer Neighbourhoods; Police liaison; Anti-Social Behaviour; Licensing Enforcement and Licensing Policy (in conjunction with Chair of Licensing), Community Cohesion and Prevent.

Other members of the council

Get information about your local councillors.

Your directors

Our services and functions are grouped within five directorates and the Office of the Chief Executive. See council staff structure charts and more information about the roles in each directors.

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