Our services and functions are grouped within the following directorates under the Chief Executive:

Your Chief Executive: Mary Weastell

Mary Weastell

Mary has lead responsibility for the strategic direction and operations of City of York Council, ensuring it provides excellent quality services for the communities and residents of York and supporting members to deliver their key priorities for the city. In partnership with key stakeholders, she works to ensure the city realises its ambitions, that everyone can reach their full potential and the whole of York continues to be a great place to live, enjoy life, study and work. She has the lead coordination role in the Devolution process for the city and neighbouring areas. Read Mary's biography.

Email: Mary.Weastell@york.gov.uk

Principal support officer: Sarah Butcher, email: Sarah.Butcher@york.gov.uk

Your directors

Corporate Director of Children, Education and Communities: Amanda Hatton

Amanda Hatton, Director of Children, Education and Communities

Support for people with learning disabilities; children's social care; fostering and adoption; young people's services; early years service; Special Educational Needs; school improvement; school organisation and support; adult education and skills; communities and equalities, leisure and community centres; people and neighbourhoods strategy and policy.(Statutory responsibility - Director of Children's Services)

Email: Amanda.Hatton@york.gov.uk

Executive assistant: Clare Davies, email: Clare.Davies@york.gov.uk

Find out more about the structure of the Children, Education and Communities directorate.

Deputy Chief Executive and Corporate Director of Customer and Corporate Services: Ian Floyd

Ian Floyd

(Statutory responsibility - Section 151 Officer)

Legal, democratic and civic support; information and communications technology; communications, knowledge and performance management; asset and property management; property design and facilities management; financial services; procurement; income collection; human resources; payroll; staff health and safety; benefits; customer services; bereavement services; Registrars; complaints and FOI.

Email: Ian.Floyd@york.gov.uk

Executive assistants: Sue Hull, email: Sue.Hull@york.gov.uk and Sarah Bentley, email: Sarah.Bentley@york.gov.uk

Find out more about the structure of the Customer and Corporate Services directorate.

Corporate Director Economy and Place: Neil Ferris

Neil Ferris

Planning policy; building control; land and property gazetteer; city development and regeneration; neighbourhood planning; spatial evidence; transport; parking; conservation and sustainability; travel planning; road safety; rights of way; cycling policy; traffic management; CCTV; street lighting; flood risk and water management; emergency planning; waste collection and disposal; recycling; fleet management; public protection; business and economic policy and strategy

Email: Neil.Ferris@york.gov.uk

Executive assistant: Shirley Simpson, email: Shirley.Simpson@york.gov.uk

Find out more about the structure of the Economy and Place directorate.

Corporate Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care: Sharon Houlden

Image of Sharon Houlden

Health and Social Care intergration and joint commissioning; adult social care; care management; residential care; home care; respite care; carers support; mental health services; support for people with learning disabilities; reablement; safeguarding; housing and homelessness; building services; community safety; people and neighbourhoods strategy and policy.(Statutory responsibility - Director of Adult Services)

Email: Sharon.Houlden@york.gov.uk

Executive assistants: Sue Hull, email: Sue.Hull@york.gov.uk and Sarah Bentley, email: Sarah.Bentley@york.gov.uk.

Find out more about the structure of the Health, Housing and Adult Social Care directorate.

Director of Public Health: Sharon Stoltz

(Statutory responsibility - Director of Public Health)

Senior advocate for the health of the population across the city of York; accountable for all City of York Council’s responsibilities for public health as set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and associated regulations; promoting and protecting the health of residents; reducing health inequalities; lead officer for the Health and Wellbeing Board and production of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment; commissioning of a range of public health services including sexual health, substance misuse, stop smoking support, NHS Health Checks and Healthy Child Programme; delivery of public health programmes such as public mental health, suicide prevention, healthy weight and oral healt

Email: Sharon.Stoltz@york.gov.uk

Executive assistant: Nicola Squires, email: Nicola.Squires@york.gov.uk

Find out more about the structure of the Health, Housing and Adult Social Care directorate.

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