Change of Coroner contact details

From 1 October 2019, the Coroner's contact details have changed. The new contact details are:

Mr Jon Heath (Acting Senior Coroner for the York Area)
c/o North Yorkshire County Council, 21 Grammar School Lane, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL6 1DF

Telephone: 01609 533843


The main duty of a coroner is to enquire into sudden or unexplained deaths, usually in the form of a post-mortem examination.

The examination is followed by an inquest if the cause of death is not natural.

When a person dies in certain circumstances, this has to be investigated in a specific way, for example:

  • the death of a person in custody
  • a death caused by a person's work

See details of current and upcoming inquests on the North Yorkshire County Council website.

Coroner's responsibilities

A coroner's main responsibilities include:

  • holding inquests
  • arranging for post mortems to be carried out
  • employing any other services, such as funeral directors, as necessary

Coroners must have at least five years' experience as one of the following:

  • barrister
  • solicitor
  • legally qualified medical practitioner

Coroners' duties and responsibilities have to comply with the Coroners Act 1988.

Coroner's officers

Coroner's officers can be police officers or civilians.


  • receive reports of deaths
  • make enquiries on the coroner's behalf

Access further information about coroner services and coroner investigations (GOV.UK).

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