You can get married or enter into a civil partnership in York if you're:

  • 16 or over
  • free to marry or form a civil partnership (for example you are single, divorced or widowed)
  • not closely related

You need permission from your parents or guardians if you're under 18.

Same sex couples can get married in England and Wales.

Only same sex couples can enter a civil partnership. From December 2014, you can convert your civil partnership into a marriage.

See a map of places to get married in York (approved civil marriage venues).

Giving notice of a marriage or civil partnership

For most civil marriages and partnerships you must 'give notice' before hand at your local register office. Your notice will be publicly displayed in the register office for 28 days and includes:

  • details of who is getting married or forming a civil partnership
  • where and when you intend to get married or form your civil partnership

To give notice of a marriage or civil partnership:

  • make an appointment at the register office which covers the area where you live, if you each live in different registration districts you each go separately to your own district
  • give notice a maximum of 12 months in advance of your marriage date, and a minimum of 28 clear days before (if you are not an EEA citizen or Swiss citizen approximately a minimum of 70 days before)
  • both of you must attend to give a notice
  • If you are not an EEA citizen or Swiss citizen, the procedure is different. You can get more information from the Home Office Immigration website.

Giving notice of a religious marriage

There are different rules about 'giving notice' if you wish to be married in a religious ceremony at a Church of England church.

In these circumstances you should contact the vicar of the church. There is no need to contact the Register Office, unless advised to by the vicar, or one of you is subject to 'immigration control'.

Marriage and civil partnership fees

Fees for 'giving notice'

The fee for giving notice of marriage or civil partnership is £35.00 each (£47.00 each if you need to give notice at a Designated Register Office).

Fees for register office weddings and partnerships

The fee to marry or enter into a civil partnership at York Register office, Monday to Thursday, with a guest limit of 2, is £50.00, this non-refundable charge is payable when making a provisional booking.

Fees for register office ceremonies

See the costs for holding a wedding or civil partnership ceremony at York Register Office.

Please make postal orders payable to 'City of York Council' or pay by card. We do not accept cheques.

Documents you will need to bring

When you make your appointment to 'give notice' you will be told what documents you need to bring. If you do not produce the correct documents at the appointment, notice can not be given, so if you are not sure please check before your appointment.

  • in the case of any queries regarding foreign documents, please contact York Register Office
  • all documents should be certified or sealed, photocopies are not acceptable
  • if you are under 18 years of age you should contact the office in advance to ensure that you provide the correct documentation
  • a marriage cannot go ahead until the legal formalities have been completed
  • notice cannot be given on behalf of a person, or by post, telephone, fax or email

If you've been divorced or widowed

If you've been married or in a civil partnership before, you need to bring either:

  • a decree absolute or final order of divorce
  • the death certificate of your former partner

A foreign divorce will usually be recognised in England and Wales if it was valid in the country where it took place. We will need to check your overseas divorce documents and may have to get in touch with the General Register Office to confirm whether your marriage can go ahead.

If any documents are not in English you will need a translation (including any stamps) in to English, signed as a true translation adding the translator's name, and address.

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