Council tax discount for people with disabilities

If your property has been adapted in some way to accommodate someone with a disability, then you may be entitled to a discount on your council tax account.

The adaptations may include:

  • adapting a ground floor living room into a bedroom
  • creation of an additional bathroom
  • creation of an additional kitchen
  • creation of extra space in your property to meet special needs arising from a disability

If awarded, the discount will be on the basis of a reduction to your council tax valuation band. Your bill may be reduced to the band immediately below your actual valuation level.

For example, if your property is in valuation band C, it will be reduced to valuation band B.

If your home is in Band A (the lowest level), your bill will be reduced by 1/6th of the Band A charge.

How to apply for a council tax discount

The bill payer or person liable to pay council tax should download and complete an application for council tax reduction for those with disabilities.

The person with the disability must be living at the property for a discount to be made.

More information

You must continue to pay your bill on time until any discount is applied. If you default on payments you may face recovery action.

For further details on other discounts contact our council tax team.

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