Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to a discount or a full exemption on your council tax bill.

For information about people who are exempt, see guidance on who has to pay council tax (GOV.UK).

Find out more about property discounts and exemptions.

Reductions to your council tax bill

There are a number of circumstances which may impact on your council tax bill - we detail some of these here.

Single Occupancy Discount

You may be eligible for Single Occupancy Discount if you're the only adult (18 years old and above) living in your home. If you qualify, you're entitled to a 25% reduction in your council tax bill.

Student discount or exemption

If you're in full-time education at a registered college or university, you can apply for a student council tax discount or exemption.

If a property is occupied only by full-time students, we'll apply a full exemption.

Properties occupied by a mix of students and non-students may still be eligible for a discount, depending on circumstances at the property.

For more information, see student council tax discount process.

Council Tax Support

If you're on a low income or unemployed and own your own home, you may qualify for Council Tax Support. If you're a tenant, a Housing Benefit claim will automatically count as a claim for Council Tax Support.

Council Tax Discretionary Reduction

If you're struggling to pay your council tax, you may be able to apply for a reduction from our Council Tax Discretionary Reduction Scheme.

Severe Mental Impairment exemption

Those with certain medical conditions may qualify for Severe Mental Impairment Exemption and their carers may qualify for a carer's discount.

You could get:

  • 100% council tax exemption if you have a severe mental impairment and live alone
  • 50% council tax disregard if you live with 1 qualifying carer
  • 25% council tax disregard if you live with 1 other person who's over 18 years old

Council tax discount for people with disabilities

If your property has been adapted to accommodate someone with a disability, you may be entitled to a council tax discount for people with disabilities.

Carers for people with disabilities may also qualify for a carer's discount.

Council tax discounts and exemptions for annexes

Apply for a council tax exemption for occupied annexes if you have a dependent relative who's either aged 65 or over, severely mentally impaired or substantially and permanently disabled occupying an annex at your property.

Annexes occupied by other relatives are entitled to a 50% discount.

Council tax exemptions for people in care

If you've had to move out of your property to receive care elsewhere, and your property is vacant as a result, you may be eligible for council tax exemption for properties left empty by patients in care.

Assistance for carers

Those who provide care at an address they share with a disabled person can apply for a caring for disabled persons council tax discount.

Apply for a council tax exemption for a property left empty by persons providing care if your own home is empty because you're providing care at someone else's address.

Bereavement and council tax

If there has been a bereavement at an address, then in some cases, an exemption or discount may become due at the property.

Find out how to report a bereavement at an address, so we can update our records regarding the council tax details at the property.

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