Benefit fraud

Benefit fraud costs each York family over £80 per year. It's criminal and offenders can be prosecuted. From March 2016 the Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for investigation and prosecution of benefit fraud against the council.

You're committing benefit fraud if you:

We encourage staff and residents to report all suspected cases of benefit fraud and abuse, giving as much information as you can through our confidential fraud hotline.

Dealing with benefit fraud

We want to maximise entitlement to housing benefit and council tax support, whilst minimising abuse of the system. To do this we:

  • refer cases to the Department for Work and Pensions
  • making our systems and procedures as secure as possible
  • ask a lot of questions on our claim forms to get accurate information
  • must see proof to support claims
  • periodically review claims
  • participating in data matching exercises

The national fraud initiative

As part of our work to prevent and detect fraud, and prosecute offenders, we take part in the Audit Commission's National Fraud Initiative (NFI).


For further information about the results of the NFI and other fraud work please visit York Open Data.

Reporting fraud

To report fraud please get in touch through contact details available on this same page.

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