Finding support in your community - local area coordination

If you are vulnerable due to age, frailty, disability or mental health issues, our local area coordinators can support you to identify and pursue your vision for a good life.

Local area coordination is all about supporting our residents to stay strong, safe, well, resilient, independent and connected with their local communities. Launched in June 2017 our local area coordinators will work to strengthen the capacity of communities to welcome and include people and to make services more personal, flexible and accountable.

Our team also helps to build more welcoming and inclusive communities through collaboration with individuals and families, local organisations and the broader community.

Currently our local area coordinators are working in:

The overall aim is to support vulnerable people to live within welcoming and supportive communities.

What a local area coordinator does

They can support you to:

  • think about your vision for a good life
  • identify your strengths, skills and gifts
  • access a range of information
  • develop relationships and community networks
  • get your voice heard
  • take action to improve your life
  • be more involved in your community
  • get the right help from local services

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