Parking enforcement

We enforce parking restrictions in the York area and take action against people who park in:

  • yellow lines (waiting restrictions)
  • disabled bays
  • bus stops
  • taxi ranks
  • zig-zag lines outside of schools
  • doctors and other marked parking bays
  • resident only parking areas without a valid permit
  • on-street pay and display areas, without displaying a valid ticket or permit
  • our car parks, without displaying a valid ticket or permit

Please be aware that our patrols in areas where there are no restrictions are limited. If you see a vehicle parking illegally, across a dropped kerb, or a vehicle is blocking access to your property, please report the problem as soon as possible.

Report illegal parking

To report a vehicle which is parked illegally call our Parking Hotline on tel: 0800 1381119 or contact our customer centre.

  • the parking hotline is free of charge from landlines (and some mobiles - check with your provider)
  • details are recorded by an operator and passed to our parking enforcement team
  • we aim to respond to all calls within 45 minutes
  • the parking hotline operates from 8.00am to 9.00pm, every day

Dropped kerbs

We can enforce 'dropped kerbs' even where no restrictions are in place, if a vehicle parks where the pavement, cycle track or verge has been adjusted to assist:

  • pedestrians crossing
  • cyclists entering or leaving the road
  • vehicles entering or leaving the road across a path, cycle track or verge

Parking tickets

We may be able to issue a parking ticket (known as a 'penalty charge notice' or PCN) in the following circumstances:

  • driveways - if a vehicle is parked across a dropped kerb and causing an obstruction to a resident's driveway (we ask the resident before we issue a PCN)
  • shared driveways - if a vehicle is causing an obstruction to a shared driveway (access to a public building)and we get a report via our parking hotline number (enforcement officers will use their discretion if approached by the property owner)
  • pedestrian dropped kerbs - if a vehicle is causing an obstruction and there is no 'exemption' (such as: emergency services, those alighting and unloading, undertaking building works, road works vehicles and waste collection vehicles)

Serious parking offences

There are certain serious parking offences that we don't have legal powers to deal with. Contact the the Police for help with:

  • dangerous parking
  • parking that is causing a serious obstruction
  • parked vehicles blocking the footway, verge or preventing passage

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