Double Yellow Lines

Waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) can be requested to manage parking on a street.

Requesting double yellow lines

To request double yellow lines, contact the Traffic Management Team giving full details for the reason for your request.

A request may be supported if:

  • vehicles are parked causing obstruction in a junction area
  • there is an actual road safety problem (for example, vehicles parking on the brow of a hill, or on a severe bend)

Receipt of the request will be acknowledged as well as notification of the course of action.

If an application is supported, the request will be added to a waiting list pending further investigation. Requests for waiting restrictions (yellow lines) are considered annually.

Please note that an application can take 9 to 18 months to complete.

Where yellow lines cannot be introduced

Yellow lines cannot be introduced to protect a private driveway entrance. A 'keep clear' H-bar marking can be applied for your dropped kerb entrance. See carriageway markings for further information.

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