Road adoption

A public road which we own is called an 'adopted road'. We're responsible for maintaining these. Most roads in York are adopted.

A privately owned road is called an 'unadopted road'. Maintenance is the responsibility of the people who live there. Read guidance on private streets for more information.

Check whether a road is adopted

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Adoption of private roads

If you want to get your private road adopted by us it's best for one resident to act as a co-ordinator between yourselves and the council. You should:

  • find out if the majority of other property owners on the street want the road to become adopted
  • complete an application form for road adoption
  • ask each property owner to sign the form

Existing private streets will not normally be adopted unless they are brought up to current 'adoptable standards' by the owners of the road (people with buildings or land adjoining it). They are responsible for the cost of any maintenance or legal work involved.

Your individual maintenance costs are calculated by:

  • dividing the total cost of maintenance in pounds, by the total length of the road in metres
  • multiplying the 'pounds per metre' by the length of your individual property/land frontage

In certain circumstances we may decide to make a contribution to the cost.

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