Report a street, road or pavement problem

You can use our eForms to report problems online in your neighbourhood.

You can report a variety of issues with roads, highways and pavements using the following forms.

Issues with street furniture

Report a problem with street furniture

Such as:

  • damaged or faulty non-illuminated bollard
  • damaged or missing pedestrian guardrail or fence
  • damaged or missing street name plate

Issues with roads or pavements

Report a problem with a road or pavement

Such as:

  • damage to a pavement
  • faded road markings
  • damaged or dangerous manhole cover

Issues with street cleanliness

Report a problem with street cleanliness

Such as:

  • litter
  • glass
  • spilled paint or oil

Issues with street lights and traffic lights

Report a problem with street lights

Such as:

  • bulbs being out
  • damage to lamp posts
  • faults with floodlights on city walls

You can also report a problem with a crossing or traffic signal.

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