Severe weather, power cuts and other emergency situations can affect householders at any time, so it is important that you are prepared for both foreseen and unforeseen events. In the case of rented properties, it is important for landlords and managing agents to work with their tenants to ensure they know what action to take in emergency situations.

Be prepared

Find out what to do if there is an emergency on GOV.UK, or download our are you prepared booklet to find out what action you can take to keep you, your family or your tenants safe, and your property protected in an emergency.

Prepare yourself or your tenants for an emergency situation by downloading and completing a household emergency plan.


In York the most predictable emergency event is flooding. Householders and private landlords in higher risk areas should ensure they have taken appropriate action and have a household emergency plan in place. If your property is at risk of flooding it is recommended that you read the emergency plans for flooding, register for GOV.UK flood alerts and keep up to date with the latest advice and information for flooding events.

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