Syrian refugee support

مدينة يورك ترحب باللاجئين السوريين

The city of York welcomes Syrian refugees.

York is preparing to welcome Syrian refugees to the city. We are part of the York Human Rights City Network, working with key partners to identify how York can best provide support.

Donations, clothing and household items

You can donate money to the city's independently run York Refugee Appeal - visit the Two Ridings Community Foundation website to find out more.


We are currently working to ensure that Syrian families will have houses to live in.

However, there are many other asylum seekers and refugees who need accommodation. As York is recognised as a City of Sanctuary, we regularly need places where people can stay, sometimes just for short periods of time. If you're able to offer help, contact Paul Wordsworth, the York City of Sanctuary movement co-ordinator, by emailing

If you are a private landlord who would like to get involved, consider letting your property to vulnerable Syrian refugee families via the YorHome Incentive Scheme.

Other assistance

If you want to offer other assistance to refugees in York, email: - we thank you for your support. Visit GOV.UK for more general information on supporting refugees.

Other organisations

You can also make a donation or volunteer with some of these organisations:

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