Resale of affordable homes

Affordable home owners sometimes sell their 'Discount Sale' or 'Shared Ownership' property.

If you are interested in buying such homes, state this on your affordable housing application.

These homes are only available to households registered with us and prices are fixed.

Reselling your affordable home

If you wish to sell your home, notify the housing association that manages the property.

Selling Discount Sale properties

Discount Sale properties must be:

  • sold at the same discount percentage at which they were bought
  • sold to someone who is unable to afford a home on the open market

Sellers will receive a proportion of the rise, or fall, in value based on the original discount percentage.

We strongly advise that you seek legal advice about marketing discount sale properties to ensure that you follow the correct process.

Selling Shared Ownership properties

If Shared Ownership properties are sold on:

  • the proceeds are split according to the percentage ownership
  • if 'staircased', the current percentage is used to calculate ownership

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