Affordable home rental

Housing Associations around York offer 3 main types of affordable home rental:

If you are interested in social or affordable rented homes, apply to rent council housing.

To apply for intermediate market rent, visit the regional Help to Buy website.

Social rented housing

Owned and managed by us and other registered providers (usually known as housing associations), social rented homes are generally offered at the lowest rents, set by the government.

The homes are let on an assured or secure tenancy.

Most new rented homes in the city that are built without government funding are for social rent - typically homes built by us, or secured on private developments through our planning policies.

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Affordable rented housing

Affordable rented housing was introduced by the government in 2011.

Rented homes that are built with funding from the government (through the Homes and Communities Agency) are expected to charge a higher rent than social rent. This can be up to 80% of 'market rents', which in York is considerably higher than social rents.

Tenants of affordable rented homes owned by us have the same rights and security of tenure as social rented homes, and the homes are let to people from the council waiting list.

Some affordable rented homes are owned and managed by registered providers (housing associations).

Since more rent is charged, these homes generate more funds to help build more affordable houses.

Housing Benefit can be claimed to assist with paying the rent, although there may be restrictions on this. Contact our Housing Benefit Team to find out more, or if you think you may be unable to afford your rent.

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Intermediate market rent

Intermediate market rent homes are aimed at people who are unable to afford a 'market rent', but are unlikely to be given a social or affordable rented home due to not being in 'priority need'. This might include households who want to buy their own home, but are struggling to save a deposit due to high market rents.

The rent on these homes are at up to 80% of the market rent, but usually with less security of tenure than affordable rented homes.

Some intermediate market rent options allow the tenant to purchase their home once they have saved a deposit. The homes are let and managed directly through registered providers (housing associations). People who are interested do not need to be on our waiting list; registration is done via the regional Help to Buy website.

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