Garden waste

Most households have alternate weekly collections of recycling collections one week, and rubbish collections the next. Some households also have a garden waste collection, where one garden waste bin is emptied for free - check the types of waste collection available for your property.

Garden waste collection season

Garden waste collections start again in April 2017. Garden waste can be also be disposed of by visiting Hazel Court HWRC or Towthorpe HWRC.

Check collection dates for your household via our online collection calendar (search for your calendar by using your postcode).

Download the FREE One Planet York App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to check the date of your next rubbish, garden waste and recycling collections. You can register for reminders the day before your collections - the app also has many other useful features!

Subscription scheme for additional garden bins

You can also subscribe to have additional garden waste bins emptied - the cost is calculated 'per extra bin':

  • 1 bin: emptied free
  • 2 bins: first bin is free, second bin is £37 per year
  • 3 bins: first bin is free, 2 additional bins are £37 each per year (£74 total) and so on

Subscriptions to this service run for one calendar year from the first day of the month following the date of your payment and you can subscribe at any time. For example, for a payment made on 12 April 2017, your subscription start date would be 1 May 2017.

How to subscribe

You can subscribe online using a debit/credit card via Do it Online.

If you need an additional green bin, please choose the option for a membership 'with green bin' and your additional bin will be delivered to you. This is included in the £37 per year charge.

Please allow 10 working days for your subscription to be processed.

How to renew a subscription

If you already have an additional green bin subscription, you will be sent an invoice in the month prior to your current subscription expiry date. The invoice will include information about how to pay.

Payment options include:

  • pay your invoice online
  • pay via automated payment telephone line (this phone number will be stated on your invoice)

A reference number will be included on the invoice which you will need to renew your subscription. If you haven't received an invoice for renewal at least one month before it expires, please contact us (our contact details are at the bottom of this page).

If you do not want to renew

Please let us know if you do not want to renew your subscription - please email with your subscription details. When we have received your notification, we will cancel your subscription and make sure you are not sent an invoice or further reminder invoice. Your green bin subscription will not be renewed and we will not empty your extra green bin(s).

Items suitable for your garden waste bin

Yes please No thanks
Leaves and bark Soil and rubble, Coal, BBQ coals
Grass cuttings and hedge clippings Nappies
Cut flowers and house plants Plastic, paper, cardboard and other packaging
Garden plants and flowers General household rubbish
Windfall fruit No food or other kitchen waste
Twigs and small branches Large whole branches
Non invasive garden weeds Invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, Giant hogweed and Ragwort (seek advice on safe disposal from the Environment Agency)
Pot plant compost Plant pots
Straw bedding from small vegetarian pets, such as rabbits Pet and animal waste from cats and dogs
Christmas trees and wreaths must be inside the bin, so please chop them up Christmas decorations

Bank Holiday collections

There are no changes to your normal garden waste collections on any Bank Holidays this year. We will collect your waste as normal on all Bank Holidays during the spring and summer. Please ensure your bin(s) is ready for collection by 7am.

St Nicks garden waste collections

If your recycling is collected by St Nicks, then they will collect your garden waste. Please contact St Nicks for details of what they collect and how to present it for collection.

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