Youth support

Most young people make their way to adulthood happily and successfully, learning how to deal with the usual problems of adolescence along the way - with help from family, school and community.
For some young people it is not so straightforward, which is where our 'youth and community development leads' can help.

We can help:

  • those who are vulnerable
  • those who have additional needs
  • those whose lives are messy or difficult

We will:

  • help all young people with places to go, things to do and trusted people to talk to
  • bring our professional resources and skills to support vulnerable young individuals and groups
  • support communities and independent groups in providing constructive things to do and places to go for young people

Advice for young people

If you are a young person, information about the range of services and activities for you can be found at Yor-Zone - it also has information about people who can help you.

You can also get involved on the Yor-Zone Facebook site.

Also see

  • Shine is a magazine aimed at school age children, young people and families. It contains information on lots of great activities throughout York that you can do in your free time. Produced 4 times a year Shine is available in schools, libraries and community centres usually 3 weeks before the start of each school holiday.
  • Support for young people
  • People and communities
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