The government announced in its Spring Budget on 8 March 2017 that there will be more financial help available to support businesses.

Spring Budget Reliefs 2017-18:

a) £50 per month cap on rates increase for businesses coming out of small business rates relief
b) £1,000 discount per annum for pubs with a rateable value below £100,000
c) £300m discretionary funding to be shared across the country for businesses in financial difficulties

Relief scheme for pubs

This scheme provides a discount of £1,000 for pubs with a rateable value of less than £100,000 and was initially availabe for 2017/18 only.

In the Autumn Budget 2017 the Chancellor announced that the pubs relief scheme would be extended by a further year so the relief will have effect for 2018/19.

Eligible pubs will be those who:

  • are open to the general public
  • allow free entry othere than when occasional entertainment is provided
  • allow drinking without requiring food to be consumed
  • permit drinks to be purchased at a bar

How to apply for relief

If your pub is independently owned or managed, and is not part of a chain, we will authomatically amend your account and send you a revised bill. There is no need to make an application for relief.

If the pub is part of a chain you can still apply for relief up to state aid De Minimus limits, please contact the business rates team in order to make an application on a ‘pub by pub’ basis.

State aid rules

Relief for pubs is granted under the Councils discretionary relief powers and discretionary rate relief counts as state aid. The law states you can’t have more than €200,000 (£162,000) in total De Minimis aid (including EU aid) within the current or previous 2 financial years. You must tell us if you’ve had any other state aid.

Please note the following businesses are excluded from applying for this relief:

  • restaurants
  • cafés
  • nightclubs
  • hotels
  • snack bars
  • guesthouses
  • boarding houses
  • sporting venues
  • music venues
  • festival sites
  • theatres
  • museums
  • exhibition halls
  • cinemas
  • concert halls
  • casinos

In respect of (c) above, the council's Executive approved the Discretionary Rate policy on 18 May 2017. The relief is targeted at businesses which occupy properties with lower rateable values and those which are facing the most significant increases in bills.

Download an application for Discretionary Rate Relief.

Additional information can be provided, however you must sign the State Aid declaration form for your application to be considered.

2017/18 discretionary rate relief award

Discretionary rate relief for the 2017/18 financial year has recently been awarded to those qualifying organisations. If you have received an award, you will also receive an award in the 2018/19 financial year, but this will not show on your annual bill dated 5 March 2018.

Please note that during April 2018 accounts will be adjusted with the awards for 2018/19 and revised bills will be issued. However, please pay in accordance with the bill dated 5 March 2018 until you receive a new bill.

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