Properties exempt from council tax

Some properties do not have to pay council tax, they are 'exempt from paying'.

Occupied properties

If a property is occupied solely by the following then it would be exempt from paying council tax:

  • the only people who live in your home are full time students
  • the only people living in the property are severely mentally impaired

Tell us if a 'change in circumstances' your property may no longer exempt and council tax will be payable. For example, if someone living in your home stops being a student, but remains at your address.  

Unoccupied properties

The discount which previously applied to empty and unfurnished properties ended on 31 March 2014.

The discount that previously applied to furnished but unoccupied properties and second homes, ended on the 31 March 2013.

If a property is undergoing major structural repairs or renovations, then a 50% may be available - contact our council tax team for more information.

Other council tax discounts

Find out more about other council tax discounts or contact our council tax team for help. 

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