Devolution is about giving more powers to local authorities so that decisions can be made closer to the communities they affect, outside of Government in London.

Along with 17 other local authorities in Yorkshire and the Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, we're pursuing a devolution agreement with the Government, known as 'One Yorkshire'. #OneYorks

Devolution bids

In September 2015 we were involved in a number of 'devolution bids' made on behalf of Council Leaders, Group Leaders, MPs, MEPs and LEPs who believe the Government should consider devolution for an area knowns as 'Greater Yorkshire' - see the initial bid submission and other devolution background documents, view a presentation about devolution or read frequently asked questions (FAQs) about devolution.

York expressed an interest in potential bids for the Leeds City Region, a City of York, North Yorkshire and East Riding proposal, and for further dialogue about a broader Greater Yorkshire geography; conversations with government continue.

Devolution consultations

Our council executive members are committed to consulting and undertaking face-to-face engagement with residents and businesses - ahead of decisions on which, if any, deal York will be part of, the economic, political and governance will be ratified by Full Council.

Your input to 'devolution conversations' (held in August 2015) has helped inform our work to date. See devolution consultation responses.

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