Devolution Bid

To coincide with the government deadline (4 September 2015), City of York Council was involved in the submission of a number of 'devolution bids', which propose giving more powers to local authorities from central government so that decisions are taken closer to the communities they affect.

The submission followed detailed talks with our council executive members and officers, alongside peers from neighbouring local authorities, central government and key organisations such as Local Enterprise Partnerships.

York has expressed an interest in potential bids for the Leeds City Region; a City of York, North Yorkshire and East Riding proposal and for further dialogue about a broader Greater Yorkshire geography.

Conversations with government will continue ahead of decisions on which, if any, deal York will be part of, and the full economic, political and governance workings of it. Our council executive members  have been clear on their commitment to consult and have undertaken face-to-face engagement with residents and businesses through a series of 'devolution conversations'. Any decision on being part of a new authority will have to be ratified by Full Council.

We hope to receive a response from government on these options in due course, which will help inform the next steps for York.

Consultation Results

Thank you to all of those who provided input to the 'devolution conversations' (held in August 2015) or directly via the Devolution mailbox - your input has helped inform our work to date. See a write-up of devolution consultation responses.

Further information

We held a series of drop-in sessions to explain what 'devolution' meant nationally and across Yorkshire and what this means for residents in York throughout August 2015.

If you weren't able to attend, or would like to know more about devolution see:

 Here is a recording of the first drop-in at West Offices:

Useful links

View the initial bid documents here:

Or see other background documents

You can also see the submission we are making on behalf of the Council Leaders, Group Leaders, MPs and MEP, who believe that the Government should consider Devolution to a footprint we are calling 'Greater Yorkshire':

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If you want to be kept up to date with information on devolution, or have your say, please email:

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