Every local authority has a code of conduct setting out the rules about the ethical behaviour expected of Councillors. The code adopted by us can be found in part 5 of the council's constitution. Each Parish Council has its own code which will be available from the Parish Clerk.

How to complain

Complaints about the conduct of a City of York councillor, or a councillor from one of our parish councils, must be submitted in writing to The Monitoring Officer.

What happens next

The Monitoring Officer will usually decide whether your allegation should be investigated or not. Before doing so they will consult the Independent Persons appointed by us.

The Monitoring Officer cannot arrange to investigate complaints about things that are not covered by the code of conduct or do not relate to the councillor's official role. Any complaints must be clear as to why the complainant thinks that a councillor has not followed the code of conduct.

We aim to make an initial assessment of the complaint within 20 working days of receipt. There are various options open to the Monitoring Officer in dealing with a complaint. In some cases an informal resolution may be possible. Other cases may result in a formal hearing before the Standards Committee.

A complaints form and procedure is available to download.

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