Enforcement action and empty properties

As part of our Empty Property Strategy, set out in the Private Sector Housing Strategy 2016-2021, we'll use enforcement action (as a last resort) to tackle long-term empty properties when informal, voluntary agreements have not helped to bring a property back into use.

In each situation we'll consider a range of enforcement tools, which can include:

  • compulsory purchase orders (CPOs)
  • enforced sale procedures

These steps allow us to gain possession of a property and bring it back into use and/or recover any outstanding debt.

Our Empty Property Team can also work with Planning Enforcement to tackle properties that are detrimental to the local area.

Use of CPOs

CPOs will only be considered in the following circumstances:

  • owners have failed to engage with us in a meaningful way over a significant period of time
  • owners have failed to provide us with a timetable for repair (where relevant) and/or reoccupation when requested
  • owners have failed to accept a reasonable offer of financial help (where they are eligible and dependent on funding)
  • owners have refused our offer to buy their house
  • it has not been possible to trace an owner following reasonable enquiries

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