Affordable housing

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We're making essential updates between 1.00pm and 5.00pm on Sunday 29 November. Unfortunately, we may be unable to take payments, via parts of our website or by telephone, during this time.

Affordable housing covers a range of different tenures and options for people who can't afford to access market housing. Housing should be at a price low enough for people to afford in relation to their income and the local house prices.

The different types of affordable housing can be split into two types:

We work with a number of partners to maximise the provision of quality, sustainable, affordable housing in the city.  We work to meet the housing needs of a wide range of people from general needs housing to specialist supported housing.

In addition to supporting the work of our partners, we have recently started to build new council housing.

In the last seven years there have been 1049 new affordable homes completed in York.

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